We will not stand by while our community is lied to

For decades, a handful of the oldest and largest corporations in California have exploited a loophole in our commercial property tax system to dodge paying their fair share. As a result, they’ve taken away the resources our communities — particularly in Black, Brown, and Asian neighborhoods — need to thrive.

It’s structural racism in a nutshell: executives and investors in big corporations make millions, while people of color breathe polluted air, are forced to cram together to make rent, can’t get proper healthcare and education, and don’t have the reliable public transportation and safe walkable streets to get to work.

Proposition 15 is a necessary step towards correcting the historical underfunding of communities of color. By closing this corporate loophole, we can reclaim $12 billion a year statewide to fund our schools and community colleges, housing, healthcare, parks, libraries, fire services, and more.

But the corporations opposing this measure will do anything to protect their billions. As election day gets closer, we’ve seen an influx of targeted advertisements meant to spread misinformation and dissuade our Latinx communities from supporting Proposition 15. This use of scare tactics is dangerously misleading, and we cannot stand by while voters are lied to.

They claim the burden of Prop 15 will fall on schools, small businesses, and homeowners, when that simply is not the case.

The truth is, 92% of the revenue reclaimed by Proposition 15 would come from just 10% of the biggest and oldest corporations in California, such as Disneyland, Chevron’s Richmond refinery, the LA Country Club, and Intel.

Homeowners, renters, and all residential property are fully protected under Proposition 15, as are small businesses worth less than $3 million. In fact, Proposition 15 would help small businesses by cutting business personal property taxes.

Additionally, 40% of the revenue from Proposition 15 would go directly to our schools and community colleges. As it stands, California ranks 39th in per pupil spending and dead last with largest class sizes in the nation. Prop 15 ensures every school district in the state receives additional funding, and provides greater resources to students who need them most, like low-income students, English-learners, and foster youth.

Proposition 15 invests in an inclusive society by directly providing resources to pay for the local schools and services we all need to thrive. But we can only win this if we come together.

We urge everyone to vote yes on Proposition 15. Vote yes for our kids’ future, for our communities, and for each other.


Blanca Alvarado, Former City Councilmember & County Supervisor

Camille Llanes-Fontanilla, Executive Director, SOMOS Mayfair

Cayce Hill, Executive Director, Veggielution Community Farm

Claudia Rossi, President, Santa Clara County Board of Education

Cindy Chavez, President, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Darcie Green, CEO/Executive Director, Latinas Contra Cancer, community leader, mother

Gabriela Chavez-Lopez, President, Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley, community leader, mother

Jessica Paz-Cedillos, Executive Director, School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza

Maria Noel Fernandez, Deputy Executive Director, Working Partnerships USA

Maritza Maldonado, Executive Direcotor, Amigos de Guadalupe

Rebeca Armendariz, Political Coordinator, Silicon Valley Rising Action

Tamara Alvarado, Executive Director, Shortino Foundation, community leader, mother

Veronica Goei, Executive Director, Grail Family Services

Zelica Rodriguez-Deams, Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations Manager, community leader, mother

Affiliations listed for identification purpose only